I needed an automation workflow done for subscriptions to my list and to sell my book. First time I have attempted any of this and Juliet was terrifically helpful and extremely knowledgeable about everything. A pleasure and good learning experience. She kindly taught me a lot.” _ Vanayssa Somers

Your business needs will be met quickly and effectively by a good content marketing strategist. With great blog posts and articles, you can direct your prospects to your landing page and engage them with your newsletters so they can become customers.

Then with the happy stories of your customers in a well-written case study, you can get more customers and ultimately make more profits. This is the work I do for my clients.

If you need content that clearly explains your product and services to your clients, then you’ve come to the right place.

You need more leads? You want sales? The right content from an experienced writer will bring you the results that will bring the expected ROI in your business.

To make your business successful, grow your clients base and get great returns on your investment – you need great content. Let me craft the words that will turn your prospects into clients and lifetime paying customers.

Let me ease your busy schedule and craft great content for you. Send me an email at juliet@julietemem.com so we can discuss your business needs.

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About Me

Juliet outperformed. Simple as that. I was looking for someone to write some blog posts and what she delivered was so far beyond expectations that I just found myself smiling as I read word for word. She has the contract to deliver articles for me for as long as I have my site. Thanks!” – Pawan Varma

I am Juliet, a writer specializing in producing web content for online businesses. You need a versatile, hard-working, English writer who understands that great content sells products or services. That’s me!

A freelance writer for more than a decade, you can tap into my wealth of experience to get the articles you need to engage your audience.

I write majorly on how technology has made doing business easier, faster and more convenient.

To get started in building great content for your business, contact me here.

NB: My full name is Ugochi Juliet Emem Ifedimma which comprises of my given names, and my husband name and his father’s name.  Now, I want to start answering my first name and my husband’s name (Juliet Ifedimma) like we recently decided. You can always contact me on this site and you will get me. Thanks!



    “Juliet! You have done it again. Your work is excellent and I am, again, impressed with your efficient and prompt response to every question. I will definitely do more business with you.” Ken Mwale

My goal is to help you convey your important ideas about your valuable services to your audience. I do that through the following ways:

Blog post – According to HubSpot, blogging is the best way of bringing traffic to your business. You can accomplish this by having regular, updated, relevant, well-research, well-written blog posts with a call to action on your website. This is what I provide for businesses of all types with a special focus on financial technology.

Landing page – A landing is where visitors to site land first. It could be your website homepage or a squeeze page. It can serve many functions like – to get a subscriber, get information through a survey, make a sale, download a resource. You want to make a great first impression on your site visitor. That’s where I come in.  I can help you create a converting and appealing landing page.

Newsletter – When you start collecting the names and email addresses of your prospective customers, you need to keep in touch with them. You can do this through a newsletter. Send them valuable and educative information, then gradually lead them to your product or service and they’ll buy.

Ghostwriting – Busy executives like you hardly have time for writing. From running around to make sure that your employees are at their desk on time, doing what they are supposed to do, to chasing after creditors or even going after investors, you barely think of the content for your site. I can lift the load off your shoulders by ghostwriting for you. You could use the content for your site, in publications and journals or in authority sites.

Ebooks – Ebooks and other resources like whitepapers, case studies, manuals, etc, are vital to the success of any business. These resources let people know that you are knowledgeable in your field, and so they can come to you as an authority on the subject. We can work together to create any type of resources you need for your business.

Sales Funnel: A sales funnel takes your prospect by the hand and leads through a series of pages to where they buy and buy and buy from you. From the squeeze page to the thank you, to the webinar registration page, to the sales page, you need to gently lead them in a way they’ll gladly follow you. I can build funnels for you in any software you want -Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Instapages, Optimise pres, Igloo and others.


Excellent service, fast communication, very professional and easy to get along with. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Highly recommended! A++++” – Roma Hagger

Here are some of my recent sample articles:

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You can get more samples by emailing me at juliet@julietemem.com

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If you would like to reach to me about work for your business, you can email me julie@lblprogram.com or use the contact form below. Thanks.

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